About Us

Who We Are?

The Birth Place

From the streets of Kolkata comes the funky and convenient “Rolls”. Yummy and tasty fillings, smothered in tongue-tickling sauces with a sprinkling of seasonings- all wrapped in a choice of flatbreads and parathas. Such is the universal acceptance of the concoction that you would find the same combination in Mexico, the Middle East, or the Indian Peninsular.

  • Global Cuisine

  • Quality Obsessed

  • Convenience And Speed

  • Flavoursome

We at Wrapafella, have taken the best from all over the world and packed it into a non-fussy and environmentally friendly packaging, and served it up to you on the go.

While the whole world is serving similar food, we bring to you the lip-smacking food minus the over greased and unhealthy dishes outdone on the streets but not losing the raw explosion of tastes in your mouth.

Our products go through a slew of tests regularly at that before we serve them to you. You can be hundred percent sure that we are hygienic and the quality of the product is a very serious part of the business. We are obsessed with it. Nothing is left to chance or human error.

Wrapafella brings to you clean and hygienic food in your favorite style- Wraps

Enjoy our saucy and adventurous rolls- wherever you are- at the home, office, or on the go

The Journey

Starting recently from the city of Bangalore, we are a bunch of food enthusiasts who relate to the food that we serve, like the rest of the busy bodies and time-starved generation. Coming from various fields in life with a strong hospitality backing and a team of chefs who know their business, we bring to you the ambitious, young, and happening brand- Wrapafella. Expect us to shock and awe you with new and wacky combinations of food which are convenient to have and delicious to taste. We aim to be in all your tech parks, the neighboring malls, and even when you are traveling -highways & airports. And should you be too caught up to step out ( TV binging or serious meetings) or be feeling plain lazy- give us a shout and we’ll hustle and bustle all the way to your house or office and deliver there.



We will soon be all over the Indian peninsula and southeast Asia, with an eye on the growing Asian diaspora all over the world, why should the western countries be bereft of the experience that only the Indian spices and the world-famous paratha can bring. So not in a very far future we are will be present wherever you may visit or reside. Ambitious and hurtling into the future- Wrapafella will be within your reach- everywhere

Happy Food

Our food is fun and so it should be. After all, we want to bring a smile to your face when you bite into the goodness. You are sure of the hygiene, you are sure of the blends and you know that the taste is delicious- so smile- you have been treated to a good slice of life. And all this is brought to you by our partners in the front of the house- our crew. Ever smiling and happy.